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Here you will find information about my Unkie Herb children’s book series.

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About the Book

Basil’s Unkie Herb is a book about family, perception and marriage equality.

The book uses Basil’s birthday parties to detail how Unkie Herb’s birthday surprises usually have a funny or disastrous ending depending on your perception. The reader learns not to judge by appearances, Fred who owns a donkey and garbage truck is actually a veterinarian; the dangerous motor cycle riders turn out to be Basil’s teacher and Nana’s doctor.

The book ends with Mom explaining to Basil that Unkie Herb and his boyfriend Ricardo can marry if they love each other because “where we live you can marry whomever you love”.

This is a funny, laugh out loud book with a happy ending for everyone.


Basil's Unkie Herb by Mary Shaw

About the Author

Mary Shaw is an Irish Canadian mother, grandmother and teacher. Born in Dublin, Ireland she has lived for over 40 years in Canada. Here she has raised her family and has a deep passion for the Canadian ideals of equity, inclusion and peace.

Recognizing that education is the only way to fully achieve these ideals, her first book tries to do this with humor. Over the years laughter has always helped her connect with students and she applied that same principal to this book about Unkie Herb and his family.

Author Mary Shaw

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